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This summer I found myself in a bit of a funk. I was feeling a bit out of place and just plain awkard. You see I tend to be kinda loud. Not just vocally, but also visually.  I love colors with depth, interesting patterns, vivid contrasts and oh all the lovely textures. I also try my hardest to follow Christ with a passion, to live in obedience to God and what He asks of me. Sometimes that means I have to say  and do things that go against the grain of the culture around me. So, there was this time when I was wondering if maybe I should be a little more….beige. A little more black and khaki, blending in for a bit while I can just catch my breath. 

That is when I received a message from a dear friend. She asked if I happened to be following a particular person on social media. I responded with a no, but I would check her out. I went over to the woman’s page and found myself scrolling. It’s what you do. Oh all the lovliness! This woman had color! Her life clearly lived for Jesus was vivid, bold and full of interesting contrast. Bright colors and patterns and chalkboard with scripture. Her life, from my perspective was absolutly beautiful! 
I messaged my friend back and said “I am following her now, she looks so lovely!”

As I pressed the send button,  a message popped right back at me, “she reminds me of you in 20 years”

That line struck me! Me? Was this how my friend viewed me? My crazy life? 

I pondered that for a while. I was humbled that my dear friend saw me in such a way. That woman clearly loved Jesus, clearly loved her husband (who is also a pastor), she clearly loved her family and the community she serves in. If my dear friend sees me the same way I saw that stranger as I scrolled…..then I could no longer justify feeling guilty for being my awkward self.  It was as if she had given me permission to be as God created and asked me to be. Colorful, against the grain and not even a smidge of beige. 

Then it hit me, what if we could view an intagram feed that would show us how Christ himself viewed us? What love would pour out and fill those pages?  What would we see as we scrolled?  

 What freedom would we receive? How then would we be motivated to live? 

As ourselves? 

Or someone that would maybe blend in a little more? 

Oh, to have God’s perspective, to see the lives of ourselves and others through His lense. We are made in His image. How about you? Do you live life in full beauty as God intended you to? Could you use a little change of perspective? 

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  1. Don’t you ever change! Stay alive in Christ, roots growing strong and deep. Stay outside of the box where you shine the most and transform lives around you! You might not see it or believe it but you are such a blessing to me ad everyone else outside of tha box. Beige is over-rated and boring! Hugs!

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