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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Spiritual battle is real folks. It’s ugly too.
We are constantly at war.
Lately my mind rings a particular “theme song” for this season of life from Barlow Girl. The chorus reads like this;
“So take me one more round
I’ll just keep fighting
One more round
You’re messing me up but I’m still here”

One more round, and then yet another.
I am fighting a battle that is already won, so I give myself to the victor.
I may be battered and bruised, but I still come out swinging.

It has been one round after the other.
A sneaky blow to the side, a sock right between the eyes, or a nasty kick while I am down.
I need to remember that though Satan can use others to fight for him, it is his evil self that is the attacker.
Though things may seem as though they have been shaken up and dumped out, and folks have turned away from spoken truth.
He asks me to stand and fight.
To take a stand for his word and to point others to him.
To continue to do what he has called me to, and let my soul pour out his love.
That my actions will show my true heart.
That wisdom in silence will be louder than mindless chatter.
To get in the ring for another round.