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Monthly Archives: April 2012

We did it! We ordered a quarter of a cow!  Zoe believes that this cow will live in our backyard, no matter how may times I explain to her that this cow will not be a cute little pet (though I do think she would be adorable walking her pet on a leash around the yard, with little cow girl boots and braids) In Zoeland she still has plans for her cow.  I too have plans for her cow.  Wonderful meals and loveliness!

Recently we were given a few pounds of ground beef from a friend who raises their own cattle.  After tasting and seeing the difference in the meat, I am just not sure I can ever go back to the normal ground beef that they sell in the store.  So, that pushed me over the edge of thinking some day we should but meat in the next step above bulk…just buy the whole thing!

I now have to make sure we have enough room for this purchase.  SO, I went through and did a freezer inventory and made my menu off of what we have in the freezer.  We have about a month before the cow arrives, so here is the list.  I will only have to buy breads and fresh produce to complete these meals.  I am excited to see what this will do for our food budget this month!

April Menu

1-Grilled Pork loin with green beans

2-Pecan Baked french toast


4-BBQ Ribs with mashed potatoes

5-Easter Dinner: Ginger Peach glazed ham, loaded mashed potatoes, PW green bean casserole, Spring salad, dessert

6-Baked ravioli with meat sauce

7-Chicken Gyros

8-Grilled steak and steamed veggies

9-Chicken and dumplings

10-Ham and cheese stuffed shells

11-General Tso’s chicken

12- Marlboro Man’s fav sandwich

13- Bang Bang Chicken and Shrimp

14- Burgers on the grill with baked beans

15- Steph’s Chicken with Cheesy Potatoes

16- Beach BBQ

17-Beef and Bean Burritos

18-Steak and rice Pilaf

19-PW Sloppy Joes

20- Raging Garlic Stir fry

21- Baked french Toast

There you have it……nothing too fancy this month, but looking forward to stocking up our pantry with the money we will save by eating out of the freezer and getting the freezer ready.  I plan on using the PW’s pantry stock up list as a guide to stock our pantry…I will let you know how that goes!