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Monthly Archives: October 2012

I have been challenged….to see Joy in daily life.  I have a dear friend, one I have never met in person, though I read her thoughts as she post them daily.  Her name is Ann.  This October she has challenged us to 31 days to Crazy Joy. Crazy Joy…that sounds lovely does it not?  It also sounds like something Satan would have no part of.  You see he would love  to steal my Joy.   Daily…the Joy thief.  Now you may be thinking “Nicole, I’m sure it is easy to choose Joy when life is perfect.  New baby, newly homeschooling, husband who adores you, what could possibly not be joyful”  Okay, honest moment here….this isn’t easy.  Homeschooling is a blast most of the time and then bam…..someone decides they hate the assignment they were just given.  Dirty looks are shot across the room in my direction at the same time two, or three, or five other children are asking questions.  

“Can I have an apple?”

“Will we be alive still when Christ returns?”

“Can you put my lego man’s head back on?”

“How much longer until we are done today?”

It is in these moments that Joy can escape.  But I say no more!  I will intentionally Choose Joy.  See Joy. Recognize Joy.  Be thankful for Joy.  Praise God for Joy….out loud!   So here we go…

Day 1~3 Gifts Orange

~The Beautiful Fall decorations that fill our home.  I love the warmth of fall colors, and our house is filled with them this time of year.

~The Orange curly locks of sweaty tasseled  hair from that boy….that sweet baby boy that loves me so.

~The orange glow that beams through the windows as I look out from the kitchen window.  God’s masterpiece…just for me!

Day 2~3 Gifts Falling

~Leaves falling with every breeze and blow of the wind.  Beautiful, huge, colorful leaves.

~My love, falling in love with him more and more each day…

~The radiant love of God falling down on us daily…

Day 3-~A Gift Caught-Let go- Mid Way

~I caught a glimpse of hope in my 1st grader.Not only did he obey, follow through and stay focused….he also enjoyed his math lesson for the 1st time this year.

~I let go of the thought that my basement will ever look “done, complete, finished”  It will always be a work in progress and that’s okay.

~I recognize the blessing of my oldest daughter growing into a savvy, thoughtful young lady who desires God’s perfect plan for her life.

Day4~Gifts reaped

~A full jar of homemade salsa was enjoyed with dinner..made from the few tomatoes we reaped this year from our garden.

~Children remembering their memory verses that we worked so hard to learn.

~Laundry caught up….Lots of sowing to reap that benefit….but a true blessing none the less…

Day 5~ Gifts returned

~Kisses and hugs returned from so many little ones at the end of a long day.

~Thank You’s from the mouths I have fed

So many things to be Thankful for….I look forward to continuing this journey this month.  Choosing Joy, and to be grateful for the many Gifts we receive from our loving heavenly Father….