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Monthly Archives: August 2010

We have an 18 month old little sweetheart named Trinity. Whenever Trinity has a request for anything her little heart desires she calls out “Here ya go…Here ya go….Here ya go” with her little pudgy palms up and fingers motioning for the goods to come her way. So when she wakes in the morning she stands at the base of her high chair and bellows “Here ya go..Here ya go”. When she notices me take her cup from the fridge she sounds the trumpet of a “Here ya go…Here ya go” While playing ball with one of her older brothers she reminds him of her turn with a “Here ya go…Here ya go” And anytime anyone has any kind of food that has the potential to be appealing to her she makes her way to them “Here ya go…Here ya go…Here ya go”. Now, some may say this is a sure sign of a rude untrained child, however when I look at that little pumpkin with her tousled brown curls and her tootsie-pop brown eyes I can see that she means no disrespect…that is just her current language. As her moma, I know and understand what she is saying, and what she is expecting from her request, so I have to remember when there is a new babysitter or visitor that I should explain to them what she is saying so they too can understand her. So she toddles about the house with her little “Here ya go…Here ya go…Here ya go” as she follows me through my daily tasks.
How familiar this sounds….We have found ourselves in places in life when we mirror this scenerio with God. We find ourselves having a request, but not the right words. Sometimes we may not even know what we want…we just know it is something only He can provide. Instead of waiting until we have the right words, or the right way to say them, or instead of waiting until we know what we truly desire….we ask. We may say it in the quietness of our hearts, we may speak it aloud among close friends in a prayer time, or we may bellow it out in desperation. Then we may think to ourselves, Oh if I only made my request in a better way, in a more delicate manner, in a more urgent way…maybe then God would have known what I meant. But no, God knows. He not only can see into our big hopeful eyes, but He can also peer directly into our hearts.

So don’t feel the burden of selfishness sneaking up on you when you feel the urge to request the desires of your heart.  And if you may not feel like you have the right eloquent words to say, go ahead and ask anyway….ask in your language…ask from your heart.  God knows your heart and is the only one who can answer your request.