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Monthly Archives: March 2009

A couple of weeks ago I was going up stairs to wake the kids for school when the house went dark…we lost power!  We continued to get ready as Jaiden went around the entire house testing all the lights we own, “This one is broke too” she announced. We loaded up the gang and off to school we went, only to realize the entire city of Grand Haven had lost power.  As we drove past the homes on our daily route, I noticed the number of people standing in the front window of their homes.  With a strong sense of uncertainty as to why power was withheld from all of us, folks went to the most well-lit area of the house, the front(often picture) windows.  I’m pretty sure this was because of the amount of light given by the morning sun, and the thought of catching a glimpse of why we were not receiving electricity.

Do we do this?  In times of darkness and uncertinty do we step into the light?  Not only hoping for the comfort and peace brought out by the Son, but also to possibly catch a glimpse of hope.  To catch a glimpse of reason and what the future holds.


Ah yes, the time of the evening when all rests.  Not always sleeps…but rests.  The home is straighted up from the undoing of the day, and the lights are dimmed.  The infant sleeps and the pounding of tiny feet upstairs has seized for the time being.  I sit in the living room with a handsome man (my husband) and we sip our sleepy time tea.  AHH…. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t think of taking for granted the chaos that is our daily life, but for now I enjoy the quiet of the evening.  I hope to use my writings to give insight to our lives and I hope you enjoy my thoughts, as random as they may be. enjoy….