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God has planted a seed of hospitality deep in our hearts. We love opening our home to others. Enjoying a meal, laughing with our children and guests, relaxing with coffee cups full while discussing a varied mix of topics.
God has now asked us to do something very special, very close to our hearts. To invite…
So, we acquired a guestbook. Something we should have done years ago. And tonight, we have two beautifully written names in that book.
You see, often we have a mindset that seems like there will always be more time, or better timing for things in the future. When our homes are organized, when we fine tune our culinary skills, when our walls are clean, when our schedules are clear. And the list goes on. Last week we lost a wonderful woman. A woman that had been in our home, and over chocolate crinkle cookies we shared stories of lives lived well. Though she had been to our home, it had been far too long since her last visit.
It got me thinking…. I don’t want to waste anymore time. Time wasted on worrying that my home won’t be clean, or the children may misbehave, or the drawers that may be opened. Gasp, those drawers that seem to need constant reprimands to get themselves back in order. Time wasted on the things needed to be done before we can have our doors truly flung open for God’s purpose.
So, tonight we invited two lovely ladies. These two ladies often “go to supper” together, and when they received the invite they had one request. Hot dogs….burnt hot dogs. So, we served them hot dogs, and macaroni and cheese. For dessert, we filled our mugs with “fancy flavored” coffee and had orange cake that refused to come out of the pan gracefully! How is that for culinary lovliness! Not one remark was made about how ugly that cake looked, they just said, “I’ll take some of that stickiness from the bottom. Make sure We get a share of that sticky stuff.”
We brought out the old photos that my Grandpa Mac gave me. Those ladies poured over those photos. Reminiscing about the places and people in them. They shared with my children the same stories my grandparents, who have passed on now, once shared with me. They knew the names and lives of my sweet departed family members in those photos, and gave insight to the old china hutch and Bible that grace our dining room.
There they sat, holding a bible from 1918. The print so small, none of us could read it longer than a few verses. Filling our home with fond memories, laughter and blessings. My walls were still dirty, and the cake sure was ugly. But, we all enjoyed the “sticky” stuff from the bottom. In the end, they said, “we will come again” . Truly a blessing to hear those words. We have been blessed, because we invited.
Is God stirring your heart? To invite someone in, to give them a place to rest, and a place to be blessed and be a blessing? Join us in this journey. Because our hearts and home were open, they have been filled!


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