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I was not born in the south.
I was not raised in the south.
However It seams as though my heart is somehow connected to the south.
I love the thought of good old southern hospitality, biscuits and gravy, bbq and real sweet tea. I have a dear friend who moved to the Midwest from Texas. When someone offered her iced tea she cheerfully excepted. She was a bit surprised at the taste however. You see, in the south they brew and simmer and steep their tea……then they sweeten in heavily with a nice crusty ol’ white sugar. None of that powdered midwestern instant tea, sweetened with some calorie free nonsense. Once you have tasted the real thing, nothing short of mama’s fresh brewed will do. Here is how I learned to make it from a dear southern friend of mine.

Fill a saucepan with water about half full
throw in 4 large tea bags (black tea)1
bring to a boil
turn heat off and let the tea steep……the longer the better…. if you forget about it overnight that would be fabulous.
pour it into your favorite pitcher and dump in 1-2 cups of sugar in, depending on how sweet you like it
fill the pitcher the rest of the way with cold water
Now pour yourself a tall glass of this loveliness head out to the front porch….enjoy ya’ll100

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