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Menu planning can be overwhelming if you have never done it.  Now that I plan one month ahead, we spend a lot less time and money!  Start with your family’s favorites and plug them in first.  Then add a couple new recipes and even a themed night.  A theme could be “Slow Cooker Night”, Italian Night, Mexican, etc.   Here is our menu for February.  I do not always follow this to a “T”, but I do know that I have everything in the house for each meal.  Items with an * are items that are currently in the freezer ready to reheat and eat! 

1~Herbed Pork tenderloin* with red skin potatoes* and broccoli*

2~Flank Steak* and Couscous 

3~Meatloaf* and  Twice baked red skins*

4~ BBQ ribs* 


6~Savory Chicken bundles (LAUGHS)

7~Baked Potato Bar


9~Pancakes and sausage

10~Italian Chicken subs

11~ Santa Fe Chicken pot pie


13~ Moroccan Beef

14~Valentines Dinner Shrimp cocktail, steak and potatoes

15~ PortobelloImage Cranberry Brisket

16~Beef Roast

17~Baked potato bar (LAUGHS)

18~ Chicken Teriyaki

19~French toast and sausage


21~ Blue Cheese, walnut and mushroom stuffed chicken

22~ Swiss Steak

23~ Ham and cheesy potatoes

24~ Freezer meal 

25~Freezer meal

26~ Freezer meal

27~ Drippy Italian beef sandwiches

28~ Enchiladas


I hope this inspires you to plan a menu and save time and money for your family as well.  Have a truly blessed meal time together!



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