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Every morning I begin with a cup of coffee with The Lord.  Soon after I run through my day and jot down the tasks that are the most urgent.  I love making this list, it gives my day direction.  I even add a few silly items that will be easy to check off, it makes me feel more productive! I do, however often abandon this list at some point in my day…and I’m ok with that.  That’s kinda how I fly.  This week in particular has been especially crazy.  We just came home from a wonderful vacation in the mountains as a family, and are preparing for our Sr High Connection Tour in one week.  So the list goes on and on…laundry, packing, cleaning, cooking, more packing, more cooking, gardening…and blueberries are in season on top of it all!  This is one of  those days when I could just pace around not even knowing where to start…so where did I find myself?  In the kitchen…making blueberry jam.  If you know me, if you understand me…if you “get” me, you know that I love to cook, I love to be “busy at home” and busy in the kitchen.  So, that is where I was…..dancing around the room with little ones who had their cheeks and fists stuffed with sweet berries.   There will always be a list of things that seem “urgent”….but I will only have the opportunity to kiss those sticky little cheeks for so long.  Soon school will start back up and the kiddos will be off leaning new things, and I will be at home (hopefully canning and freezing loads of stuff from the garden).  In those sweet times of coffee with The Lord, he has shown me the top priorities for my to-do’s for each and every day.

Children are a heritage from the LORD, offspring a reward from him. Psalm 127 2-4


  1. very, very true Nicole. before you know it you will be sending your children off somewhere. For me it is Seattle for my oldest. Those years fly! you are one wise momma my friend.

  2. Nicole, you are such an inspiration to me! I attended both of your workshops at the womens retreat at CLBC last weekend. As I’m reading through your entries, God is speaking to me on so many levels. Again I am so inspired by you and by your words. I’m starting my first batch of freezer meals this weekend, and Im starting out with a trip to Sams Club tonight for some ground beef. Thanks again for everything! Find me on facebook- Jen Sylvester-Surprenant 🙂

    • Jen, Thank you so very much for your kind words. It’s because of encouragement from Ladies like you that I continue posting! I am so glad you enjoyed the workshop this weekend, and props to you for getting started on the freezer meals right away! May God continue to speak truth into your life in very real ways!

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