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Pour me a fresh cup of Joe and open a window…Spring is here! Oh..the plans I have! I have kept a list of things I wanted to learn, develop or master once I was no longer working outside the home…..And here we are. It has been a long, drab, and well..rather depressing winter. When we moved in last fall we basically unpacked enough to get through Christmas. To be honest, creativity felt as though it had abandoned my soul. I had little energy and even less inspiration to be creative and crafty.
Then we unpacked the basement. Oh the loveliness that poured out of those boxes! Matt had a plan to create a little place for me to be creative. It is still a work in progress….but it is still lovely! And oh the plans I have. Gardening…sewing…gifts….uhhh.

Now for that list.  There are tasks that I have dreamed of being able to do.  Ones that have been pushed aside while Matt was a full time student and I was helping him as a Custodian.  I fancy the thought of helping him with the planning, and preparing.  I also fancy the thought of getting to that list of things I would love to get to…so I must go…and get to it!

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