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My decorating style would probably be defined as, well eclectic.  I love to mix old treasures with new favorites.  I like colors that remind me of a brisk walk in the woods in the fall, or a trip to the orchard.  I love rustic finishes, and scrolling details. This may seem cozy to us at times, but we love to mix things up a bit. By far though, we love change!  We love to re-arrange a room and make it feel new by using the many treasured items we have already in our home.  At times I will clear all decor out of a room and gather it on the dining room table, and re-disperse it throughout the room.  At other times I will clear a room completely and “shop” through the rest of the house to find different things to fill it with.  Most recently, I have become frustrated with the breakfast nook.  From the day we first saw this home, we had a vision for this room, and when I looked around in it, I saw a..well a storage room.  Beautiful chocolate brown walls, the amazing funky floral print curtains I made two years ago, and a vintage step-stool that was left to us by the previous owners.  The stool I had painted a wonderful burnt orange, and at the same time I had painted a vintage metal cart the same.  Those were the items that filled this space on a permanent lease.  I would often set up a folding table to assist in holiday preparations,  freezer cooking, or jam making.  It just was in a funk!  Then I received a wonderful antique trunk, wood with scroll-pressed metal sides.  It  is beautiful, and completely my style, however it served no real purpose in the nook.  So recently I cleared the nook, and created a plan.  I repurposed my great-grandmother’s hope chest as a bench, that serves as great storage for all of my large bulk cooking necessities.  We then oiled up a pedestal table and chairs that were given to us by some dear friends about a year ago.  Perfect!  That was the vision we had for this space so long ago….a pedistal table with a bench on one side and 2 chairs on the other.  I found a vibrant painting that we got in Dowagiac and hung that above the bench and paired it with another coffee house painting on another wall that we have had for a few years.  In one corner sits the vintage metal cart, in the other corner is the vintage step-stool, they balance the room out so well, and bring in a bit of well-needed character.  In the cubbies above the table I placed my vintage mixing bowl and stock pot.  Then, I went “shopping”  in the dining room.  I found some great old canisters, a fluted metal vase, a sweet metal lantern, and a funky red with white polk-a-dot chick.  Then into the living room for more finds.  For the center of the table, an antique wooden tray, a fun piece of fabric and a ceramic rabbit for spring.  All in all, the total cost of our new breakfast nook……nothing!  Just a fresh new look at stuff we have had around the house.  This is truly my favorite way to re-decorate!  A dear friend of mine once advised me to “get rid of anything you don’t really like, and only keep the items you truly love” .  That was the greatest thought, now all of my things go so nicely together, no matter which room they are in, because they are all things that I treasure.   I have stopped keeping things out of guilt, or being afraid the person who gave it to me will want to see where I use it!  Now, to find a place for that treasured trunk that I pulled out of the nook…..

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  1. Nice work!

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