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Southwest chicken pot pie

Chili with cornbread

Pulled pork tacos

Pizza (this is a friday night favorite, so yea we have some variation every friday night!)

Beef Gyros

Roasted Pork Loin

Steph’s Chicken (the best chicken in the world!)

Stuffed Beef Roast

Burgers on the grill

Chicken Fahita braids

shish-ka-bobs (with chicken, sausage, and beef) served with rice

BBQ chicken pizza

Philly cheese steak subs

Roasted turkey

soy-glazed pork-loin with sweet potatoes

4B’s flank steak

BBQ Brisket

Ham and cheese and broccoli braids


Roasted Chicken

sirloin strips in wine sauce served with rice

grilled chicken leg quarters

Chicken bacon club subs

pulled pork sandwiches

smothered enchiladas

london broil

stuffed french toast

Pizza braid

mexican chicken sandwiches


sweet and garlicky pork chops

BBQ chicken with white BBQ sauce

swiss steak with mashed potatoes

Italian chicken in white wine sauce

honey mustard and bacon smothered chicken

Hope this inspires some thoughts for your menu planning!

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  1. I thought you might enjoy my aunt’s cooking, etc. blog:

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