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Ah yes, the time of the evening when all rests.  Not always sleeps…but rests.  The home is straighted up from the undoing of the day, and the lights are dimmed.  The infant sleeps and the pounding of tiny feet upstairs has seized for the time being.  I sit in the living room with a handsome man (my husband) and we sip our sleepy time tea.  AHH…. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t think of taking for granted the chaos that is our daily life, but for now I enjoy the quiet of the evening.  I hope to use my writings to give insight to our lives and I hope you enjoy my thoughts, as random as they may be. enjoy….


  1. Oh Coleeee. I love you.

  2. wow, Nicole!
    I am so impressed. It is amazing to see how your life is going. God has blessed you in so many ways and you seem to blessing others too. You are a very talented mother, wife, and friend! I can’t believe how time flies. I wish you lived closer we had alot of fun together at teens and know we would have alot of fun as moms too. I know wherever you guys go you will be an inspiriation to alot of people. Thank goodness for the internet that we can keep in touch! God bless you in all you do!! love, ~Amber

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